Estate Planning & Administration

Securing your assets and your future involves more than writing a will – estate planning and administration is important to protect your assets.

We look at your entire personal, financial and health picture to provide comprehensive estate planning. Both you and your family will benefit as our experienced estate planning attorneys guide you through the creation of a will, submission for probate, distribution of your assets, and final accounting to the court, guaranteeing that your wishes will be carried out. We sometimes recommend a living trust as a sensible alternative to the expensive and troublesome probate process. We are also happy to help those with a family member who has died without a will in place.

Choosing us for your estate planning and administration needs will allow you to:

  • Distribute estate assets precisely as you wish
  • Complete a Last Will & Testament and/or Living Will
  • Appoint executors, trustees, and a guardian for your minor children
  • Create a trust
  • Protect assets from the costs of long-term care
  • Minimize estate taxes and the costs of probate
  • Maintain independence and control over personal health care and financial decisions

We will guide you and your family through the confusing process of comprehensive estate planning and administration, including wills, will contests, trusts, life estates, probate, administration, asset management and liquidation. We will always keep you informed of your options and provide you with viable solutions to fit your needs and wishes.

You can rest easy knowing your plans are in our hands.

Visit our Estate Planning & Administration Archive to read more about each step of the process.

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