Holidays Safety Checklist

Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are an ideal time to visit with family members. While you are catching up on turkey and the latest family news, use the opportunity to check on elder relatives who live alone or far away to make sure they are safe and healthy. Following a holidays safety checklist can make everyone’s holiday a happy one.

Here are some things to look for during your visit:

    • Are the doors always locked? Does the house have a working security and fire alarm? Are important documents and valuables protected?
    • Are all the rooms clean and sanitary, or is dust creeping over furniture and items that are touched often?
    • Does she still have a sharp memory? Is she able to remember or find important phone numbers in case of an emergency? Are there any early signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia?
    • Does she eat regular, healthy meals?
    • Does she have help managing financial affairs, bills, and spending if needed?
    • Has she had a regular check-up? Is she receiving and taking all medications needed? Are all hearing aids, walkers, and medical equipment working properly?
    • Does she know how to recognize and protect herself against identity theft, fraud, internet, financial, and telemarketing scams?
    • Is she alert, energized and keeping her mind active with activities and entertainment, or is she bored, depressed, and staying in bed all day?

If anything looks unsafe or unhealthy, make sure to take steps to get your family member the care and protection he or she deserves while you are close by.