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A constantly changing area of practice, loan modification is unique to each homeowner’s situation and each lender’s guidelines. Our strength lies in our full-service approach – we strive to present you with the best financial picture possible, whether that involves reducing your home mortgage payments or other options such as bankruptcy or a short sale. Our Massachusetts loan modification attorneys learn about your situation through a free consultation, skillfully negotiate with lenders, and provide you with a viable solution to get your mortgage payments back on track.

At the law offices of SKB Attorneys, we are Committed to Helping You and will do everything in our power to stop foreclosure proceedings on your home and provide you with an affordable plan. If you are considering a loan modification or are struggling to modify a loan yourself, call us today.

Because your home is worth protecting.

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Why Do I Need an Attorney to Handle My Loan Modification?

It is certainly possible to negotiate and modify your loan payments on your own, but a successful modification is a lot more likely if you have professional help. The brief history of loan modifications has shown cases where the borrowers’ interests were not a priority and they were left hanging at crucial moments. (To learn more about this situation, read the article here.) An experienced attorney can help you present a winning modification analysis and proposal, stay connected to your lender and informed of the progress of your request, and feel secure knowing you have been taken seriously.

It is wise to choose someone who is attuned to each lender’s guidelines to help you present the most accurate and complete financial package and hardship explanation possible. Rather than attempting to navigate this frustrating process by yourself, let us increase your chances of success.

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What is Loan Modification?

The goal of a loan modification is to make monthly payments affordable for you. We talk to you about your financial situation, help you put together a package of documents to send to your mortgage lender (including an objective hardship letter), and wait for the lender to approve the modification. Usually there will be some negotiation, which may take some time as we develop an attractive plan for both you and the lender.
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Is Loan Modification Right for Me?

Today loan modification is increasingly used as an option to keep your home from foreclosure if you are behind on your monthly payments. In some cases, you may qualify for a modification even if your mortgage payments are current. This strategy differs from refinancing – while refinancing means an entirely new loan, modification changes the terms of your existing loan and may actually improve your credit score.

Generally, loan modification is a good option for someone who is behind on monthly payments because of some type of hardship. You must be able to prove that your hardship will no longer affect your payments going forward for your lender to consider changing the terms of your loan.
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Depending on your situation, it is possible that loan modification may not be the appropriate choice for you at this time. If we believe there is a better solution to prevent foreclosure, we are prepared to provide alternative services, such as loan forbearance or in a more drastic situation, filing bankruptcy or a short sale.
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