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The passing of a loved one is never easy. With all that comes along with that already, the last thing you want to have to deal with is figuring out how to distribute the assets they’ve left behind. Our experienced attorneys can take you through a pending estate beat by beat to be sure that everything is handled fairly and according to your loved one’s last wishes, whether you are a grieving family member or the personal representative assigned to carry out the deceased’s wishes.

You can find comfort in knowing that we are here to make a difficult time a little bit easier for you. At SKB Attorneys, we are Committed to Helping You.

Estate Administration

When we settle estates, we do so with great care and a high degree of personal sensitivity. Working closely with family members, we ensure that all necessary and appropriate steps are taken to provide a smooth and orderly administration of each estate. Those steps include probate of the will, valuation of estate assets, payment of debts and expenses, and the smooth transfer of assets to the beneficiaries. Our goal is to ensure that all estates, ranging from simple to complex, are efficiently administered. We are always accessible to family members to advise them and address any personal concerns.

Personal Representatives

We routinely advise those serving as Personal Representatives on their fiduciary duties and how to properly carry out the role with which they have been entrusted. Estate documents, as well as current law, impose significant duties on individuals serving in these roles. Typically, the Personal Representative is a friend or family member who may have no prior background serving as a fiduciary. We have over thirty years of experience interpreting and translating complicated laws and legal documents to educate personal representatives on how to properly perform the duties they have been entrusted to perform.

Massachusetts Probate of Estates Lawyers

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