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SKB Law real estate for the home sellerWe at SKB Law are here for the home seller. We will be there for you from when you first put your home on the market, through closing, and everything in between.

Our Staff and Fees

Our real estate paralegals, Judy and Renee, along with our real estate attorneys, will be monitoring the progress when you first file through to completion and guiding you through the process. The paralegal assigned to your file will handle communication between you, the lender, the title examiner, the brokers, and all other parties involved and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that come up during the process. We are also responsible for reviewing and explaining all closing documents, and providing an efficient process and comfortable experience for you.

Our fees are both reasonable and competitive. Fees are charged on either a flat-fee or hourly basis, depending on the circumstances and the services provided. A list of our real estate fees is available upon request by calling, faxing or emailing us at your convenience.

Sellers in Massachusetts are required to pay any applicable excise and transfer taxes, which vary by the county in which the property is located. The Seller is also responsible for paying recording fees to discharge mortgages and other liens (from the proceeds of the sale, where appropriate). A fee will generally be charged by the closing attorney for some of these services, but they are reasonable and within generally accepted practice standards.

Purchase & Sale Agreement

When you contact The Law Offices of SKB Attorneys, one of our attorneys will ask you for some basic information. Our office will receive a copy of the Purchase & Sale Agreement from the broker or your attorney and we will review it to make sure it is consistent with the information you provided and the Offer to Purchase. We will then schedule a time to review the contract with you. Please bring all of your documentation. We will explain all key elements of the transaction and will answer any legal or logistical questions you may have. (It is important to have an attorney review your Purchase & Sale Agreement to ensure that any language regarding contingencies is fair to both you and the buyer and that no warranties survive the merging of the P&S with the Deed.)

Once you have negotiated and signed your Purchase & Sale Agreement, we will send you a letter outlining the rest of the process and a step-by-step description of your rights and responsibilities in the transaction.

The Closing

The closing, or “Passing of Papers,” is the time when the deed is finally delivered, transferring title from the seller to you. Typically the closing takes between 45-60 minutes, depending on the complexities of the transaction and the cooperation of all parties.

As the closing nears, we will remind you of the key items you need to bring. It is the seller’s responsibility to provide the buyer with a smoke detector certificate and a final water reading. We will assist you in obtaining these items as well as making any financial adjustments at the time of the Passing of Papers. You will also need to bring a valid driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued photo identification. Other forms of ID such as employment badges, wholesale club cards, etc. are not acceptable.

Our paralegals will notify you of the closing time, date and place, and advise you of all closing requirements and conditions. The closing usually takes place at our office, but other locations are possible for the convenience of all parties involved. If you are not available to attend the closing, it is possible to execute a Power of Attorney (as well as a deed) to represent you. If this is something you are interested in, please ask a member of our staff to arrange this.

At the closing, your attorney from our office will be present to discuss any last-minute issues, review and oversee the execution of all relevant mortgage and closing documents, insure proper disbursement of closing costs and secure for you a complete closing package. In the package you will find copies of all documents from your closing, including all bank papers, closing statements, payoff information, and an accounting of all disbursements.


Following the closing, the deed will be recorded at the appropriate Registry of Deeds. You should understand that the net proceeds of the sale will not be made available to you until the deed has been recorded at the Registry of Deeds, which may occur several hours after the closing.

Please let us know if you were satisfied with your real estate transaction and our staff. We are committed to helping you and are genuinely interested in any feedback you may have to improve our service.

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