Social Security Disability Benefits

According to a 2007 release by the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) press office, “Social Security currently receives more than 2.5 million new Social Security disability cases and more than 2.3 million Supplemental Security Income cases each year.” The SSA states on its website that there were 7.6 million disabled workers in June of 2009, receiving an average monthly benefit of $1,062.

With so many disability cases each year, how do you ensure that your case will be treated fairly and that you will receive the maximum amount of benefits available to you? Our social security disability attorneys have years of experience fighting for people with all types of disabilities.

Visit our Social Security Disability Archive for a glossary of social security terms, our disability checklist, worksheets, and SSA office locations in Massachusetts.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits
Benefits are available to U.S. residents who are disabled and cannot work to support themselves. There is social security disability insurance (SSDI or SSD), and also supplemental security income (SSI). Many people may be eligible to receive both at the same time.
Find out if you are eligible for SSDI or SSI benefits

The Process of Applying for Disability
More than half of initial claims for disability are denied at least once, and many go through several stages of reconsideration and appeals. With an experienced attorney’s help, you can receive the social security benefits you deserve.
Read a summary of The Disability Process, and glance at our
Social Security Disability Checklist