You Just Won the Lottery, Now What?

You Just Won the Lottery, Now What?

You may play the lottery faithfully every week, and probably think you’ll never win the big payouts, but what happens if you do?

There are things you can do right away when you buy that lottery ticket. Here are few tips for you if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

Keep your life private

The best and most important way to keep a low profile is to hire an attorney in order to keep your identity anonymous. Now that you are a lottery winner, people will be coming forward from everywhere to contact you. Typically, lottery winners are contacted by family, friends, charities, and financial kooks looking to get a piece of your winnings.

Take your time

If you are a big winner, don’t rush out immediately to claim your prize. You have lots of time to come forward so make the most of it. Make copies of your ticket, keep it secure and stored away in a safe, protected place. Do not sign your ticket but put it in a safe place.

If you have won the Powerball or some other mega-millions prize, you will want the immediate frenzy to go away before you come forward. Your life will be changing from this point on.

Hire professionals

It’s a guarantee that everyone in the know, will be telling you what to do with that money. Get yourself a good CPA that is steeped in tax law. Also consult a financial planner .

You’ve got a lot of big decisions coming up in the next few months. Don’t blow it by going it alone or listening to advice from amateurs.

You may not want to quit work immediately

Especially if your payout is huge, there’s work to be done. It should be done sensibly and subtly. Keep quiet and carry on as normal until your ducks are in a row.

You may decide to change your phone number and make it unlisted. Whatever you do, be wary of investing in scams that are likely to be coming your way.

You will know what is important to you for the future and a qualified, respectable law firm can help you achieve those objectives. They can help you to protect your money in the short-, medium-, and long-term.